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Styling size and quantity buttons in Ecommerce

I’m setting up my product page in webflow e-commerce and I can’t figure out how to style the “size” and “quantity” buttons.
I simply dragged the “add to cart” element into my page, but I’ve found that I can’t seem to edit basic styles like the background color, border radius, and border of the buttons themselves.

Is it possible to edit these buttons at this time?

Here is my site Read-Only:
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They seemed styled when I had a look @peej. Have you been able to sort it out?

Somewhat, I was able to add a colored border, however I still can’t change the background color, or the border radius!
I also can’t figure out how to style the menu that drops down when the user goes to select an option.

hmm, have you been able to do these things with other buttons/items on the page? I just changed the background and radius… I also changed the alignment, not something you said you wanted but it bugged me in the middle like that :joy: . That’s the button you were talking about, right? As far as I know, dropdowns aren’t style-able yet, I’m pretty sure you could just add custom code to change the look of them but haven’t tried yet.

Sorry, you’re right. I guess it’s only the dropdowns!
Thanks for note about alignment btw! I hadn’t checked how it looked on pages without the option dropdown, but I’ve corrected it!

Thanks a million

awesome, glad we’ve got it figured out :slight_smile: . Make sure to click the little check mark below a reply to show it’s been solved :slight_smile: