Styling a menu is a nightmare

I’ve been trying to design a menu for hours. And there seems to be the same error with Webflow for years now - as far as I can see, many users have already had the same problem, unfortunately the workarounds provided in the forum don’t seem to work in my case.
The fonts in the menu are ALWAYS (!) blue in various random states. There is no visible default value for blue at all, and I cannot get rid of it.

Secondly: styling the content of a vertical menu for mobile sites seems impossible. I gave the menu an olive green color, but for some it doesn’t apply to the mobile pages. I cannot get access to styling them, the control panels overlay the mobile menu.

Read only link is below and a screenshot of the menu with the blue fonts is attached.
Browsers: FF, Chrome, Safari

Help would be most appreciated., I am starting to get desperate.

Kind regards
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@bartl Mac and Chrome, everything is fine. Did you solve the problem?

Does seem odd couldn’t find any styles that inherit that blue but it seems to be affecting links with the Current state applied.

A fix is to select the colour option and manually change it to white and it should solve the problem.

Screen Recording 2023-10-09 at 17.30.57

No, unfortunately not. It keeps on returning by itself…

Hi justjaaayy,
well, this is what I am doing all the time. For one minute it works, a minute later it skips back to blue which seems to be a default for some reason.
Edit: It accepted black now in “focus” state (instead of yellow or white). Let’s see how long that lasts …

For issues like you describe I have become over familiar with a refresh icon at the top of my browser, and I’m about to wear out the command R key on my keyboard for hard refreshers.
I even have to clear browser cache, close and restart your browser at times to make the designer show what it should.

That’s a good example of the designer needing a refresh.
I just open it and I only get 3 choices in the left panel and absolutely NO right panel.