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Style words within a text block (e.g. emph)


Is there any way to control styling on highlighted text within a reich text element?

I have a rich text block and within that I have a paragraph. I now want to emphasise certain text passages or have a link within that paragraph, and I want to have control over the styling or at least use the same classes/styles I pre-defined with classes to use on non-rte copy.

When I highlight some text within the rte paragraph I can choose block quote, links, headings and they seem to pick up the “default” styles I defined earlier for regular copy. All good.
But neither can I use pre-defined styles for emphasising rich text (which I styled via Wrap with Span class for non-rte text) nor can I style those independently on the fly in rich text itself.
My emphasised text should be bold (meaning pick the bold font style versus artificially bolded) and in another color.
See attached screenshot: green = works; red = can’t make it work.

How can I do this without loosing the benefits of RTE with regards to CMS and client-editing?
Am I asking too much?


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I use custom code but the Finsweet Team has released Powerful Rich Text - Add HTML and components to Webflow Rich Text Block which should give you the control you want.

Thank you, Jeff.
I’ll try that – so far no success, but I haven’t given up just yet…