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<style> vs <style type="text/css">

…does it matter in some way when entering this into Custom Code?

Hey @StevenP,

The “type” tells the browser what type of media you are going to be presenting to the browser.

In HTML5 the default is “type=text/css” so you don’t have to put the type in the <style> tag if you are going to be presenting CSS.


Thanks for the clarifications! So basically that means that every CSS style we put in the Custom Code can be wrapped by “style” and that should be enough for all instances of CSS?

Hi @StevenP, Yes, as long as the custom css is put in between the style tag :slight_smile:


... all your css go here between the style tags


Cheers, Dave

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Exactly! Thanks a lot for the clarification Dave!

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Same principles applies for Javascript/Jquery we put in Footer section of Custom Code?

Correct! The <script> tag defaults to “type=text/javascript” in HTML5.