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Stuck trying to integrate a Slick Slider

Hi Everyone !

First of all, I’d like to thanks all the active community. Because of you, I’ve learned so much about webdesign and webflow over those past two weeks. And I can build finally my first website! This is a huge step for me :slight_smile:
So thank you so much!

Be sure I wouldn’t dare to write anything about integrating a slick slider If I hadn’t tried it so many times. But, unfortunately, I think I’m stuck right now.

I’m aware of all those topics -->

I’ve also been roaming around github and trying to figure this out on the Ken Wheeler page.

Anyway, If someone got a precise idea on how to do it nicely, would be much appreciated.

This my link Shared -->

Go on the “Slick Slide Test” page to see what I tried to do.
And you can have a look on this published page if you want to where I’d like to fit this awesome slider!

I guess, I’m not using the CDN’s link properly.

Looking forward to read you back!
Cheers, Erwan.