Stuck! CMS Field will not update

Hello All,
Been with Webflow a few weeks, essentially a newbie.
I have a CMS Collection of Essays. I put in 10 dummy entries. All was fine. I then decided to change an Options drop down called Essay Type by adding another entry “other”.
I saved this by the three steps 1] Enter, 2] save the field, 3 Save the collection. I have enver tried shutting down the browser, but when I try to enter data for an item using “Essay Type” /Option “other”, it’s not there, there are only the original 4 options.

This leaves me stuck.

Any help appreciated.

Here is my public share link: [LINK]1
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It looks like the option is showing on my end, but you’ll need to scroll down within the list (since it only shows 4 options at a time):


i cant see my end of the sub-menus. would u pls send screenshot?