CMS "Option" field not displaying in plain text element on my site


I created a CMS collection with one option field that has 4 possible items: Full-Time, Freelance, Part-time, or Consulting.

I am trying to have the selected option display in a plain text field, yet nothing shows up. I have ~10 other fields (text, rich text, number, etc) that all work. The option is the only one that doesn’t work. When I select the CMS to pull from the option field into the plain text field, it pulls nothing (looks blank).

Anyone have suggestions? I appreciate your help! Screenshot below

What it should look like:

What it actually looks like

Screenshots are insufficient for us to take a look at bugs. Please provide a public share link to your project.

Unfortunately I’m not allowed to share this site publicly per my client’s wishes. I will contact webflow directly. Thanks

Hi unfortunatelly I’ve got the same issue. It happened about a week ago.

All option field data is blank now.

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