Stripe Checkout Embed - Test Cards don't work

Hi guys!

I need to implement the Stripe Checkout button for my client and so far we got it to partially work with their embed code (tutorial here: [TUTORIAL] STRIPE CHECKOUT - I made it work!).

The issue is coming up when I’m taken to the Stripe checkout page and trying test cards to see if it all works. Although all the test card info is correct and I enter the email, it gives two errors - “card declined” and “email required”.

The link to website where we have the button embed: (bottom of the page within the Full Access Membership CTA).

Did anyone else experience this or know the solution how to make it work? Thanks a lot!!!

Error Screenshot

Do you have “View test data” enabled (toggle to the right) and are you using test API keys?


Thanks man! Was able to sort it out exactly this way, through “test data”, Stripe support helped out :slight_smile:

So yeah, if anyone wonders why it’s not working - test cards are only working with test mode. Once your plan/product is created in Stripe - just switch to “View test data” and copy the correct code to Webflow, where the api key would start with pk_test_xxxx… instead of pk_live_xxxx…

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Glad it’s sorted for you :slight_smile:

I switched to test mode but I am not sure where to copy the api code in Webflow?