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Stripe blocked the account 🤯

After being live for a week and selling products. Stripe has without warning closed the account.
Reason being is one of the products contains CBD.
After communicating with them back in forth, I understand that I will have to look for a different payment processor.

Any suggestions?!

Here is the site I’m talking about


Hello @Eli11

It’s sad because people can buy cigarettes and alcohol…man. Maybe you can try using @foxy !?

Hope this helps.

Piter :webflow_heart:

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Thank you. I will look into it

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@PiterDimitrov Thanks for the mention.

@Eli11 Looks like you’ve already emailed us, butI thought I’d post here to benefit the community. Foxy supports the selling of CBD related products and we have gateway partners we can connect you with who handle high-risk merchants.



Hi Josh,

So after accepting the fact that Stripe will not sell my clients products. I have to recreate the ecommerce site with another ecommerce platform.
We chose Foxy as the new platform.
I started to build the new site with the same elements as the previous store. I created a collection with all the products and it works fine with the Foxy cart.
However, I am struggling with customizing the cart and checkout page, it should look like the previous site. Can you direct me how to do it?
Also, is there an option the cart should not auto-open every time a product is added to the cart?

The previous site:

The current site I’m working on:

Hi @Eli11.
Thank you for getting in touch! I think I might have chatted with you or your client previously. I just sent step by step instructions on how to add a custom header/footer to Foxy templates in Webflow.

Styling actual elements (ex: checkout fields) requires adding custom css. I’ve sent instructions on this, but if you need any assistance just let us know.

Can you send more info on your desired experience with the cart opening/not opening? if a quick phone/Skype call would be beneficial, we can make it happen.




I’m in the same boat, I need to go the Foxy route for my online checkout. Could you also email me this information?

Was really hoping the ecom platform and stripe wouldnt have been an issue

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Hi @JasonSuh.
Absolutely! Just DM’d you with instructions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything at all.


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Josh, I’m also in need of a domestic merchant account to hook up my foxy cart. Can you also DM me with information? Thanks!

Hi @eddieyip.
We’ve already chatted since your posting here, but please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Great thread! I’m actually on the same boat with our website. @foxy Are you able to share the info with me as well?

Hi Mario.
Thank you for getting in touch! I just sent you a quick email. For those selling CBD related products, we have a new landing page here:

Of course, we work with all sorts of “high-risk” industries. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance.


The @foxy team is excellent!


CBD is something that is on the profibited list of FTC. This is the main reason why processing companies in US are not very comfortable with the industry. The only way i can think of is you getting an EU company, Physical presence, Bank account and then approach any EU based High Risk Acquirer.

If you work directly with EU acquirers then the rates will be low and you will get fast payouts. If you work with Aggregate then transaction charges may be high.

This may appear a tough route but thats the only legal and safe way i can think of.

Hope it works. Happy Processing.

Hi Foxy I am also looking for this inofrmation on how to add custom CSS to the Foxy cart checkout, if possible could it be sent to

Hi @lemony.
For sure. Email sent. :slight_smile: