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Stretchy layout and cool animations – Cloneable project

Hello everyone,

Earlier this year we decided to create a cool experimental project with our team in Embacy to do something more creative with design and try ourselves out in the Biotech industry web design.

We decided to redesign a website for a health company Sonde just to base our design around something real.

Here’s a little sneak peak of our designs:

You can check out how the layout turned out here.

Or you can clone the project to check out or copy these cool things:

  • Stretchy layout, adapts to any screen width gradually
  • Animated first screen with Lottie files (not rocket science but still pretty cool)
  • On the third screen switch between different screens by pressing the titles – background and text change
  • Fourth screen with one card being more up showing subtitle information by default (basic view of a card is image and title without a subtitle)

Clone the project if you’re curious, we would love to hear feedback!


Cool site! Very kind of you to share a cloneable link with the community as well.

P.S love this naming convention :stuck_out_tongue: image