Strange gap at the bottom of the canvas

Note: Refreshing page resets canvas back to normal

Are you using a chat service at the bottom (eg: intercom)? These often cause strange gaps at the bottom of websites, not just Webflow

No intercom or other chat service but embedding some google maps on the page.

The gap seems to be indifferent to the page tho. It returned after a little more work so I’ll keep an eye out for the exact actions that seem to bring it back:

Also, I have found that sometimes a margin on a random element can cause this also. Hope this helps.


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@thewonglv @daniel_cleayweb I haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior on my end, have you run into this one again by chance, could you please let me know?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Waldo, I experienced this bug in the latest version of Safari. Seems to be fine now.

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