Gap at bottom of website

I have created a site for the company I work for, I have very basic knowledge of websites but have managed to create a nice working site.

The only issue is, I have a large gap at the bottom of the page.

I have tried checking all div boxes close to the bottom. I have reduced the margins for the background video. I just cant see any issues?

Does anyone have any ideas?



Congratulations on your first site, looks nice. Please share a URL to the published project (, that way we can test in a browser.

Thanks, Took a fair old while but I really enjoyed it!

Heres the published site:

Are you talking about this?

What browser/OS combo did you get the screenshot from?

Yes this is the gap. I am using Chrome, now you have mentioned different browsers I have just checked Safari and this does not have the same issue. lol

So was that Chrome on OS X?

You may want to try giving your youtube element absolute positioning with alignment set to full.

Try it and see if that helps.

Apologies, Yeah Chrome on OS X

Thanks!! It worked with the gap at the bottom!

This is good to hear! Enjoy designing!