Stoping Scroll While Page Trigger Loads?


Heres the read only link:

Currently messing around building interactions. When the page loads theres an initial screen that displays a name/services then it dissipates.

Was wondering if theres a way to stop scrolling until its done fading completely? Theres interactions that happen beneath prior to the opacity decreasing, and I know everyone would be absolutely crushed and or heart broken if they missed out on those.

Appreciate any help, cheers.

Incase anyone ever runs into this issue, I found a solution that was a few clicks.

Heres a link to a video explaining it:

In short - put all sections into a div, except the loading animation:

Then add the div to your animation with the initial state as hidden:

Last step is to add it to the end of the animation as block:

Viola, no scrolling while the page loading animation takes place.