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Hiding content to prevent pre load scroll breaks animations

Hello awesome webflow community.

When I have a pre-loader i want to stop the ability to scroll when the preload is playing. So i wrap all the content below the header in a div, and hide/show it when the preload is complete.

The only problem is that this cancels any animations inside the div that was hidden/shown. Such as sliding in of text or images when scrolled into view.

Does anyone know a way around this ?.

Have you tried opacity instead of show/hide?

Not sure how your interactions would
Be effected, but worth a shot.

Thanks for the suggesion drew but Opacity would not disable the vertical scrolling bar I think ?, that is the goal of hiding all the content below the header. There is nothing to scroll to during the preload anim at that time.

I have used a custom code that hides the scroll bar for x seconds at the start of the preload also but I don’t want to use this every time as it gives other issues too.