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Stop slider at a specific number of slides


Let’s say you created a slideshow with 10 slides using the CMS collection you created but you only upload 5 images for the slideshow in the collection. One image per slide and of course you linked each slide to the images in the collection. The problem is the slideshow keeps on going pass slide 5 even though 6-10 doesn’t have any images upload to the collection. So if you create a slideshow and only link a few slides to images in a collection the slideshow will continue to play till the end. Oh and that’s with autoplay on or off. Anyone else has this problem.

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I don’t think what you would like to do is possible to do natively in Webflow at the moment. :wink:

Thank you for your reply

There is a way to do it. Set the visibility on each slide to be visible only when the corresponding image “is set.” This can be found in the settings. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

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Great thank you very much. Awsome :grinning:

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