Sticky not sticking

Can someone help me with adding a sticky layout on the pricing section.
I would like the prices block to stay sticky on scroll until the bottom of the section.
I’ve tried many options but couldn’t find the best one.

If someone can help me please


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Hi, in your .section-pricing, there are block divs .bg-border and .BG-color-pricing which have an overflow:hidden

The hidden overflow blocks the sticky of child elements.
Either you need to remove this overflow on both elements, but if that’s not possible, you can :
1 - Add a .is-princing combo class to your .bg-border
2 - Add this custom code to your project:

.BG-color-pricing, { overflow-x: clip; }

3 - Finally, you’ll need to add a sitcky position with a top value (7rem for example) to your .pricing grid