Overflow Hidden x Sticky Animation

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In my project I have a section (‘features_section’) with a sticky animation, which works just fine ONLY IF the overflow is set to hidden on one of its parent elements called ‘page-wrapper’. The point is, if I set the overflow to be visible on the ‘page-wrapper’, the entire page is scrollable to the right. My question is: is it possible to prevent that weird body/page scrolling to the right (with overflow hidden i.e.) and also keep my sticky animation?

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It looks like two elements.

• “.features_bgs-w” this area can be built with some changes to the DOM structure, to accommodate the semi-circle in the background. Then set overflow = hidden on that parent div only.

• “.review_light, .is–second-light” This one is strange. If I slightly change the absolute positioning margin from “auto” the page snaps into place. Maybe this element can be tweaked to stop the overflow?

Thank you for your help! Restructuring the layers and setting overflow to hidden only to the parent elements of overflowing elements fixed everything. Thanks again :slight_smile: