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Sticky navigation on scroll with IX2

Hey Guys,

does anybody of you know, if a navigation that sticks on top on scrolling is possible without custom code?
Something like their navigation.

Has nobody an idea how to get this work in webflow?

Not sure with IX2 but with some extra code it’s possible :grinning:


Does it help?

Edit: Yeah, read that you wanted it without code but wanted to try and help any way.

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Hi @jorn,

for the moment it’s a great solution, but the browser support seems not so wide, especially for IE and Opera Mini. Do you know a solution that covers more browsers and is so slick as yours?

This has been discussed before on the forums and you’re right the position sticky is not accepted by all browser yet. I haven’t tried this but one solution is to use interactions and swap divs. One disappear and one appears when you want. I’m sure I’ve seen a great example of this. I’ll try and find it.

It is a pity that browser support is not available after 5 years.

Yeah, I thought something similar, but for a big site, this would make things become messier. I try to hold the site as clean as possible so that they will be smart to maintain.

Just use a symbol then. Put it in divs with different positioning and swap as necessary. As easy to maintain as one object.

I haven’t read this article thoroughly but it seems they don’t use position sticky anyway. Can you make something from that? Don’t now your skill level on custom code.

Hi @dram,

of course, this would be a way and I did something like that on other pages, but I try to come up with something, that’s slicker than this. With two navigation, you have to make every change to both navigations and also for a third navigation, the mobile one.

This seems to work for my case, but I hope webflow will make an update on IX2, that something like this makes easy possible.

Thx for your help.

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I mean if you are using a symbol you have to update only one instance of it not two. And with careful styling you can have mobile and desktop versions as one item too.