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Sticky area - Is this feature natively available?

Hello, I just saw this webflow page.

I’m starting a project, which will use this function (sticky).

I was thinking of doing it manually in the code, because I did not find this option.
The best way would be to do manually or there is this function and I did not find it?

Thank you.

Hey @danteklausoon

It is possible to use the Sticky property with a little custom code insertion. If you embed the code in the page it is possible to see the styling effects in the Designer. Here’s a great example that is also clone-able.

Hope that helps. Happy designing!


Hey @danteklausoon :wave: Welcome to the Webflow Community!

The sticky nav is not currently a native feature to Webflow, however there is a great clone-able sticky nav over at The Digital Bake which I’ve used to great effect! Many times! :smiley:


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I was able to find here how to create and edit the embed code.
Thanks a lot for the help … I’m very new to the tool.

Sorry for the English, but do not have any tutorial here in Brazil in Portuguese.
I am studying for my projects, as soon as possible I will make videos in Portuguese and share with people here.

Thanks a lot for the help.

Hey @danteklausoon glad you were able to figure it out. The community here is always very helpful. That’s so great that you want to share your knowledge to other Portuguese speakers! :webflow_heart: :brazil:

I’ll leave the link here, you can follow the project. Many thanks for the help of Sticky…

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I used to use CSS position sticky, but not anymore since it isn’t supported by IE. If you want to make sure it’s supported on all browsers you need to use JS.

The last version of IE was released more than 5 years ago, and is no longer supported/maintained by Microsoft.

Right, but it’s still used by older businesses. At my work over half of the people still use EI and it stains my heart every time. I tell them to use chrome or at least edge, but people always fall back on that old paper clip for some reason.