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Compley navigation possible?

Hi there!

One question: Is it in Webflow possible, to create this navigation:

The navigation is at the bottom of 100% vertical height at the start screen. If you scroll down the navigation scrolls as usual and stays fixed at the top.

Many thanks for your ideas or feedback!

It possible with a bit of a hack (as position: sticky; seems to work oddly and requires a custom CSS).
So basically you have to have two navbars, one fixed (and initially moved up 100%) and the second with absolute position on the bottom of the section.
Then it’s all to scroll interactions which affect different elements – note that scrolls into and out-of-view are given in pixels and translations are with 0ms.

Please check the preview as it’s easier do see it yourself than to explain :slight_smile:

”Sticky” navbar

Also here you should be able to clone it https://webflow.com/website/navtest-3ea789 :slight_smile:

Hope I helped!

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Awesome! Many thanks! For me it is difficult to think with these logics. But I did understand it! GREAT!!!

I know, same here :slight_smile:
Maybe not the most elegant solution, but it works.

Without writing the custom code you have to think (literally) out-of-the-box :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad that could help!

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