Sticky Navbar starts scrolling without permission

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I’m having a strange issue on my Navbar. It’s sticky on all pages. But on some pages, it just starts scrolling out of view, when leaving the header.

Only appearing online, not in preview mode:

I found out, that 100vh of the header might cause this. But how can I fix this?

Any ideas?

Thanks all.

Hey @Stupid!

The problem is with the body element. You set it to 100%.

I think it fix to 100% of the window, so when the navbar hit it, it stop going down.

Hope it helsp you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks so much, that you took a look at this. The funny thing is that we didn’t make any settings on the body:

How could this be?

Humm… ok.

Can you send again your share link? That one isn’t working for me.

Sure :slightly_smiling_face: Here we go:

I think the problem is with the script of calendly:

It’s the only thing different from the others pages that I found.

Maybe? :thinking:

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Thank you so much for taking such a deep look into the site. You seem to be right. This error only shows up on pages with calendly included :open_mouth:

Incredible mate. Thanks so much.