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Problem with sticky Nav-Bar

Hey Webflow-community,

I just build my first clients website in webflow and I’m pretty impressed by the tool! :slight_smile:

But during my final quality check I mentioned one single problem that I was not able to fix so far. I already searched in the webflow university as well as here in the forum, but I was not able to find a solution.
The Navbar on the website is sticky, so that it always appear on the upper border of the screen, even during scrolling. This works fine on every siite but not on the start page. After scrolling through the second section, the navbar dissapears on the site. Any ideas how I can solve this behaviour? It works on every other site perfectly…

I Would be totally happy about some help! Thank you guys in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi Jan,

I can’t access the designer at the moment but have you tried using position:fixed for your navbar instead of sticky?

If that’s not what you are looking for, I can try to take a look at your project later.

Hey ChrisT,
thanks for the quick response. I already tried this option, and it solves the problem, but creates a new one. It looks like the navbar isn’t part of the body anymore, so the navbar lays over the first section of every page! Is there a way to solve this?

I guess in the “sticky-mode” the slider on the start page causes the trouble. Because, like I said, on every other site (where no slider is placed) it works perfectly fine using the sticky mode.


Try to use Fixed position

Hey shokoaviv,
thanks so much for your respons! Unfortunately, then the top area of the first sections on each page are not visible due to the navbar.

Is there any possibility to avoid this?

Hey Jan,

sorry for the delay.

I tried to figure your problem with the sticky setting. There is an empty section between your navbar and the slider on your main page, delete that one and it should work much better.

If you are aiming for the fixed method, you should probably try to add a fixed height for your navbar and give every first section of each page an equivalent top margin.

Let me know if either way is working for you.

Thanks a lot ChrisT! That worked perfectly! :slight_smile: