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Sticky Navbar Not Working for me

I can’t seem to get a sticky navbar working. It works sometimes, then stops working after changing/adding some non navbar elements. Other times its sticky but the rest of the page overlays the navbar. I’ve deleted the navbar and readded which sometimes van be made sticky, but then it starts scrolling again.

Any ideas or help is appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey @jetski777, you have to set the top property to 0 for the element to stick to the top of the page. Hope this works.

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 09.16.07

Tried that with same results

Try this. Set the Sticky to the parent ‘Section’ class and then add a z-index of 99 as the screenshot. I would add a unique combo class to the ‘Section’ before doing this.
Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 09.44.53

That did it, the one option I did not try. Thanks!

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