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Fixed content does not stay fixed (Nav bar)

For some odd reason the navbar does not stay fixed. It is toggled to fixed and top but doesn’t stay on the viewport. Any ideas?

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Here’s the designer side.

I’d like to add that I also changed it to sticky and while this solution works, it seems to stack on top of my section (leaving a white background) the idea is for the navbar to stay fixed in the viewport above the hero slide, which is not my intention. I also added a high Z-value but doesn’t seem to work.

Wait, so you want it to stay at the top of the page? If so, thats not what fixed is, fixed is to the viewport. You’ll want to make it set to static, relative or absolute. if you put it inside the hero it’ll be on top of the hero, if you leave it in the body, it’ll be above the hero. Hope that helps.

I want it to be fixed into the viewport. Which doesn’t seem to be happening.

Looks fixed to me. it’s stuck to the top of the viewport.

I checked this morning and it doesn’t seem to be happening.