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Sticky macbook scroll

Im trying to get the image in the macbook to scroll down while i scroll the page. Now the only way to scroll the image would be to scroll while my cursor is on the image. I’ve tried position sticky but to no avail. I think im doing something wrong. Would really appreciate some help

Here is my public share link:

Hey @Colin_Ashvin,

Scroll overflow would be hard to get to work for you in this situation, mainly because it is necessary to completely mask it to the MacBook screen. But this is possible with some restructuring of your elements and with page interactions, I made it work on your preview link.

It takes a bit, I think this would be a seriously long walkthrough post. If you would like to set up a zoom call or google hangout so that I can walk you through it let me know, it would be faster and easier to avoid issues. Otherwise, I can type it up later on this evening.


Hey Andrew thanks so much for the prompt reply, would really appreciate if you could type it up for me as i don’t have a mic connected to my setup. Thanks again for assisting me in this. However if you think its not possible to write up a walkthrough post, do contact me at Have a great day

Hey Andrew maybe i could get you on your socials and we could have a quick chat. Would really love your help. Thanks man

Hey Colin,

Sorry I logged off for the night, I’ll type it up for you.


Thanks man looking forward to your reply.