Any way to do scroll magic in webflow

İn this page there is an scroll magic:

is there any way to do it in webflow?


Here is my public share link: LINK
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This should be possible with a combination of position: sticky and transforming a container with overflow: hidden using the “While scrolling in view” interaction. That should get you started, but feel free to reply with a read-only link with your project if you get stuck and I can try to help out.

hello mikeyevin.
i tried everything i know. but i couldnt manege.
here is the share read only link

So I wasn’t able to get it done exactly the way I imagined, but I was able to come up with a couple options for you in the video below. Like I mentioned in the video, I personally prefer the first version as it’s a little more dynamic, but obviously you’re free to use whichever works best and causes the least amount of headache as you test it across various devices.

I tried to make sure I covered exactly how each of these was made, but if you’d rather I whipped up a project myself for you to clone, don’t hesitate to let me know.


hello mikeyevin

Thanks a lot not just for your kind teacihng video, thx alot especially for showing me “problem solving mind and master” as 60 years old man, i would say that what we were teaching to new begginners in media were “how to have a problem solving mind” and how to be democratic in human relations. Thx you have both. :sunny: .I watched your kind and rich knowladgefull video.
I think i did first cool option. but in second option I think i missed someting.

right and left divs :slight_smile:

here is project:
Also I thought could this problem can be solved :
first lets have sach as 3 photo which is made in phtsp with proper borders.

  1. Lets have a sider with mouse scroll after last slide, page scrolls down.
    2.lets give z index to every photo and as we scroll hide and see could be used.

could one of them work?

I thank you a lot mikeyevin with hopes of learning alot from you.
Also you say" I whipped up a project myself for you to clone, don’t hesitate to let me know."
would it be possible to see and learn on them? please