Sticky Header Help!

Hello! I am having trouble with a sticky header on the top of my project detail pages. The header covers the rest of the page as you scroll down sometimes. Refreshing it fixes it about half the time. Here is the link:

I have also attached an image of my positioning settings. Can anyone help??

Thank you in advance!

Hey Alison! Welcome to the forum :webflow_heart:
That’s a beautiful site you crafted there!

I’m not sure which sticky element you refer to, the link you provided does not seem to feature sticky elements beside a small navigation on the right? Can you provide some more screenshots of what element you speak of?

Hi! Thank you! I’ve attached some images below! As you scroll down, the project images and description are supposed to overlap the header image. I’ve attached an image, showing the sidebar of where I am on the page. For whatever reason, the header image gets stuck as you scroll down the page and you cannot see any other content. I am not quite sure what setting would fix this as it functions perfectly within the Webflow designer.

Thanks again! I appreciate the help!

Thank’s for the details, I hope I’m not a slow-poke but for me, the content (section with “project overview”) does overlap the header image?!

I have attached a gif with motion, this is not what you intend to happen?

That is actually! Y’know I just tried it in a different browser and it works perfect. I think it may be a problem with Safari.

Ah I see, as a developer, I really hate safari for it’s habit of doing things differently than other browsers. For me not owning a mac, I simply can’t test it anyway :sweat_smile:

You could try to debug the behavior in their devtools and set a custom rule for it (but you need to know what you have to change)

That is completely fair! Thank you for your help! It’s probably about time I make the switch to a different browser!

It’s for the better :grinning:
Safari lost all it’s respect for me when they made it unavailable for anything but macOS!