Sticky footer not at bottom of the page

I follow the Webflow U instructions but the sticky element just not responding the way one might expect. See

And what is strange is that on a fresh clean page - just the body tag and the div .foot … the div behaves as one might expect. Like WTF?

My “footer” sits in the middle of my page.

body tag flex display vertical

footer div is positioned absolute:
.foot {
position: absolute;
left: 0%;
top: auto;
right: 0%;
bottom: 0%;

link to site:

the particular page is simple but a div-block-335 appears to cause a problem. Mystery? What is it?

Curious minds want to know…

.div-block-335 {
display: block;
width: 600px;
flex-grow: 0;
flex-shrink: 0;
flex-basis: auto;

.div-block-335:small {
width: 540px;

.div-block-335:tiny {
width: 320px;