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Sticky / Absolute container not visible on Safari or Mobile

I have a section with a sticky div block. While sticky, the container below with a caption is supposed to come into view from the bottom.
It works great in preview mode and chrome desktop. On mobile and Safari, the text is not visible.
I have checked everything to make sure there are no layers with overflow:hidden. I’m really struggling to find the solution.
Any help would be appreciated.

Looks ok to me… do you have a published link to see what the live site looks like?

Here’s the published version: .

On Chrome-desktop it works fine. On Safari-desktop the problem occurs as well as on Chrome-mobile. I haven’t tested any other browsers or devices.

Working fine on Chrome and Firefox on Android as well as Desktop.

So then it’s pretty limited to just Safari, and iPhones. I think I’ve got it. I had the parent container and the child wrapper both set to Absolute. Apparently this is bad practice or something and some browsers/devices don’t like it. I just set the parent to Relative and the child to Static. Seems to be working now.

Thanks @Jonathan_Holden