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Static Page Layout When Resizing Browser Window


When viewing my site on a desktop, resizing the viewing window reformats the positions and sizes of objects within a page. Is there a way to keep everything static so that resizing the viewing window just focuses in on a specific part of the page while the rest of the page stays the same and can be viewed with scrolling? I’ve noticed this on other sites.

I’m also wondering if it’s possible to have the mobile views just show the full desktop version of my site as well. I know this goes against responsiveness standards but as a portfolio site my focus is on the desktop version for now. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

P.S. I’ve seen related posts like (Client doesn't want site to be responsive) that suggest placing the design in a section with a minimum height set but this doesn’t seem to work as desired. The objects still get moved and resized when the viewing window size changes.

General the post you referenced is correct. You will need to place your content in a div or section and give it a static width. Using min and max width will ensure your design cant be any bigger then a certain width and cant be any smaller then a certain width.

After that make sure you dont make any changes to other view points.

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