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Stacking Portfolio

Hi Webflowers,

I am looking to recreate the ( functionality of this “stacking” portfolio.

All info would be pulled from CMS, however I am struggling to understand how to configure the Z-index for this application. It would need to change for each CMS item imported into the grid?

Any feedback or advise would really be appreciated.

Thank you so much!,

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@Cahil_Sankar - you may be able to accomplish this with some custom code. You could add a number field to your CMS items called Stacking Order.

You could place the stacking order in an html embed using something like this:

<div id="item-name" data-stacking-order="stacking-order" class="portfolio-stacking-order" style="display:none;"></div>

You can pull cms references into HTML embeds. So you’d pull those values in for the id and data-stacking-order properties.

You could then loop through each div with the portfolio-stacking-order class, get the element id and the data-stacking-order value and set the z-index for each item using that value.

There might be an easier way, but nothing is coming to mind immediately.