Spline integration not working


We are having several problems with the 3D spline scene in our webflow (spline integration). The scene was made entirely in Spline, including animations/interactions, and almost every day a new error appears on the website, regardless of the browser used. A few days ago, the problem was that the X and Y axes were completely misaligned, making it impossible to follow the mouse and clicks correctly. Today, there are some elements of the spline project that don’t even appear and none of us have made any changes to either the spline project or the webflow, which I assume is a loading problem.

An additional note: when we first integrated the spline project, we didn’t even change anything in webflow, all the values in this scene were “auto”. A week ago, after seeing a tutorial on the webflow channel about integrating the spline, I decided to follow what they did with the width and height values (100% and 100vh) to see if anything changed, but everything stayed the same. These are the only changes made to webflow since the integration of our spline 3d project.

Does anyone know what this problem might be? Is it a Webflow bug?

Thanks for your attention