Spline Integration w/ Webflow not working

Hey everyone! I am having some problems with the new integration of Spline into Webflow. I am using the Spline Scene that they recommend and place in the correct link, but the 3D element we are trying to use is not appearing how it should. When the 3D element is changed, it does not reflect on Webflow. Here are some of the issues we are having:

  1. The 3D element is moving even when the movement is turned off in Spline.
  2. The link does not update unless you delete the Spline Scene element and replace it into Webflow (the reload Spline Scene does not work).
  3. The 3D element shrinks and grows when you scroll in Webflow even though the scroll is turned off in Spline.
  4. Spline also takes a long time to update on Webflow (that’s just something to watch out for more than a problem).

Here the Share Only Link:


Having the same issue. It seems like Webflow cached the code from the link and doesn’t update it, because no changes to the scene are visible in the webflow, but can be seen in direct Spline viewer.

Duplicating file in spline and pasting new link helps to update scene in webflow


I’m having an issue where my original Spline file never loads at all. No matter the Spline project URL I use, it shows the same 3 card stack, which is not my project. It looks like the generic Spline project/icon.

Thanks, that solution just saved me a huge headache. My splines were going completely nuts losing axes of rotation and being completely off-camera.
There should be a way to clear the Spline cache in Webflow at least, so we can properly reload the scene :frowning: