Speed watch tutorials and videos

I’m currently watching some great tutorials by @jasondark on Webflow + Firebase Authentication.

I watch these on YouTube and normally have them playback at a speed of x2. It saves me lot of time and I’ve no problem understanding the content at that speed.

You can adjust the speed natively on youtube videos using SHIFT + > (increase) and SHIFT + < (decrease) but I use a Chrome extension which gives more flexibility - allows me faster and customised speeds and I use the + and - keys to speed it up and down. It’s called Youtube Playback Speed Control.

Anyway. just thought I’d share that - might save Webflowers some time!

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Really useful tip @Diarmuid_Sexton - i’m a big fan of 1.5x !

Great tip, and good luck to those trying to understand my NZ accent when it’s sped up!

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