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Hey guys,

Just finished up a new site I’ve been working on lately. Take a look if you have the time!



Well… the first section is superb. The photos are gorgeous, and the composition makes a lot of sense (doorframe then behing the universality of the door, as a forest), kudos. Even the menu overlay is in a brownish tint that’s really nice and warm. And the rest of the site is great too, lots of space.

I’m never a fan of hamburger menus but in the case of a one pager it’s acceptable I guess, there’s little chances that the visitor misses something, apart from a sense of the structure of the site at first glance.

I’m not sure wether or not you’d be better off having this checkbox checked:

Once checked it will make the targeted sections go up the top, under the menu, at the end of the smooth scroll. With your design, isn’t a bit better? Really your choice :slight_smile:

Where did you licence the pictures? Directly from Di Giovanni? Great choice.



I could just c&p @vincent’s critique in here. I think you site is amazing in it’s imagery… I’m a big fan of this type of design, but only a few people and agencies can pull it off well. You guys smashed it! Well done! I love the white space… not too much, just right. Not a big fan of sliders, as they don’t test very well here in the US, but three is the magic number for engagement (few people go to #4 in the slider… we won’t even talk about #5… he’s the biggest loser!) but this looks nice and again the imagery sells using one in this case.

Things to poo poo…
Hamburger: :grimacing:
It springs out and covers all the wonderful imagery… I’d rather see a regular menu (fixed, since this is a one page site) and ditch the burger for maybe mobile. You have plenty for real estate for a menu in desktop and tablet. Tablet takes 44px in height for a tap surface, so why not? :slight_smile:

Full Menu:
In doing a full menu in DT and Tablet you can bring your contact info to the top header of the site for visitors @ site entry, as well as having it where it is at the bottom. Many times, it’s returning and mobile visitors who appreciate the top phone number without having to digging for it or use nav to get to it.

Bottom Contact Info:
The first thing I say to myself when I see something I want isn’t “Hey! Let’s FAX them!” So, I wouldn’t put fax first… include it in the contact phone number block, but, phone and email first and then fax or a CTA …FAX Orders here! FYI, it’s in two spots… top and bottom of the contact info block left bottom.

The height of the form fields on the contact for are very high. I’d tighten them up a bit.

My 2¢.

Great work! I love it!

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Hey Vincent,

Thanks for all the praise, I appreciate it!

Regarding the hamburger, my thoughts exactly. It’s not very practical, but given the minimal content of the site, it wouldn’t be a problem having no menu at all, so I thought just for regularity’s sake, let’s have a super low key one.

As for the scroll setting in the navbar options, I don’t really use pre-defined Webflow elements If I don’t absolutely have to. So here to, I built the navigaton manually. I wouldn’t know how to stop the background from scrolling, but it has so little effect on overall usability, for now I didn’t find it worthwile to look for a workaround.

Thank you for your feedback!

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Hi Brian,

Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated,

Well yes, the client has a fax, so he wants it displayed. Maybe they use it to fax funny memes around in the office. Who am I to deny them their fun. :slight_smile:

Great idea to have some contact info in the menu thank you!

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I was just poo pooing the location, that it was first in contact and that there were two, not just that it was there. :slight_smile: Sorry if that was offensive in the review I wrote… I didn’t mean it that way.

You are most welcome… looks amazing!

hi @bennyhagen! very nice site, looks awesome!


Very nice! Great design!

Will add it to my inspiration bookmark folder :slight_smile:

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Hi Ben,
Great piece of work (as usual).

You design looks super clean, sharp and I personally love the way you engage imagery to highlight the content - I agree with Brian, there are few that master this technique and you surely do!

Great website! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Oh, yes, the fax is doubled, it’s just a mistake. The content is basically placeholder text at this point, I still have to finalize that. But thanks for bringig it to my attention!

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This website is absolutely amazing.

Congratulations for this job, very inspiring…

Take care.


Thank you very much Blaise!