Spam received on form submission

This morning I received a weird submission from a a form of my site, which is

Here is the email I received, from a certain “Terri Lynn Deeds Jr” ( :

You are being charged with hacking mail fraud financial crime tax fraud theft international trading fraud currency exchange fraud theft IDENTITY theft conspiracy of financial crime antitrust violations and anything else I are being charged with abuse of federal employer. .me Get out of my email you will return all accounts upon receipt you no LONGER have a job or contractor license with big commerce ONLINE marketing or API merchant account. You will remove yourself and this site within forty eight HOURS or I will remove it with third-party legal proceedings against your company partnerships affiliate program ect.I expect this order addressed executed and utilized upon receipt of this EMAIL. Thank You, Terri Lynn Deeds Jr

Any idea of what is this ? The client received this message as well and we are very worry right now.

Any help ?

Thank you by advance.

Seems the real Terri Lynn Deeds jr is victim of identity theft:

Seems like a scam to me…

I would tell your customer to ignore this message and tell him that these kind of messages are being sent by people with bad intentions. Personally, I would never reply, unless you want to start something like sir Scamalot ( :slight_smile:

To prevent spam you could do something like @Waldo suggests in this topic CAPTCHA and other spam prevention support or use a third party anti spam captcha kind of thing.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you very much for this reply.

Take care,


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