Spam via the contact form


we have a contact form on the website. ReCaptcha is set up. For 1-2 weeks we have received approx. 1 email every day from, spamming us.

Has Webflow actually thought about its own filter options in the form area. It wouldn’t be bad if you could put a picture here.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get this resolved?


Probably just by blocking this address in your email service where webflow form submissions are sent

Hi Toby,

I have the same problem with
I was surprised not to find a “block address” option in the Webflow settings “Forms” tab.
Let’s hope we get one soon :smiley:

My best,

If you are not able to block it from your side, then you can ask your service provider to block it from the admin panel.


i have just written an email to my provider, if there is any possibility to block this shit.

Good luck