Spacing issues on sections

Sometimes, I still have a hard time finding out where some element is adding spacing that causes me grief. On this site (, when you click on ‘learn more’, it should go to the next section (about us) and have the nav bar appear as per .

Yet when the site scrolls down to the next section, it leaves a gap at the top from the previous section.

Now, that gap seems to be about the size of the navbar so I’m not sure what is missing to be able to not leave that gap. The navbar does show if you scrolldown a bit further to be completely in the next section but this should not be necessary as clicking on ‘learn more’ in the previous section is supposed to bring you to the next section.

Now, since this site is a modification of another template, it’s a little harder for me to track down things "i didn’t create’ so I know the community can always see what I may (obviously) be missing. :smile:

Hmm that is interesting.

The fastest way to fix that is to set the scroll out of view offset, on the hero section interaction, to about 170px.

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That did the trick. And incidentally introduced me to another idea that I might add to the site. That kind of ‘clamping of elements’ is something that I’d like to work in integrating more use of. The company is an underground digging one, use of lots of big machines. Some maybe a little bit of extra flare here and there to spruce it up.

The trick will be to figure out where and not over do it.

Thanks again.

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OK, seems that I just infinitely struggle with positioning of elements with interactions involved.

So I got the navbar to drop down on scroll out of view, but now it’s leaving a blank space when it’s not there sitting at the Hero section.

My idea is that when I set the navbar to 'display:none" and “move up:56px” that the following elements should have moved up as well.

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