Space between not working properly?

Hi all!

I am having some trouble getting my collection container aligned. I’ve set it to flexbox & space between but my items are not properly aligning left and right. I would like to align the left one with the header ‘Relevante blogs’ and the most right with ‘Bekijk alle blogs >’

I thought this was possible with space between but it looks like it’s mimicking space around. Thanks in advance for anyone who can give me some insight!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - TMC Media Marketing

That feels like a bug to me.
Based on the docs, that should be the behavior of the “space around” setting, but not the “space between” setting.

I’d contact support to make them aware.

That aside, some possible options-

  1. On your collection list item blog-block apply a -2rem left margin to the First item state and a -2rem right margin to the Last item state. Hacky, but works.
  2. Switch to a CSS grid.

Thanks for the response and yes I also thought it was a bug but I just found a fix! Here in the settings of the collection list wrapper, I needed to set the layout to ‘full width’