Space-between not working on Collection List

Hey all,

First post here. Sorry if a resolution has been posted else where, I can’t seem to make any of the solutions I find work.

Mobile Landscape
I am having an issue with flex-box, space-between on the Collection List (‘Collection List 3’) in my website where the items/products aren’t going from the start edge to the end edge of it’s parent, which would allow me to control the padding/margins.

I had this issue previously on the Desktop and Tablet layouts, but I accidentally fixed it and not sure how!

It could be something I am missing with parent containers etc, I’d appreciate a fresh pair of eyes.

On another note, it may be helpful to know from more experienced users if there is a way to reduce the number of items a Collection List returns as the viewport size reduces? My current solution is using a separate Collection List and toggling the Display: None for each when it reaches Mobile Landscape (which doesn’t seem so graceful :smiley: ).

Happy to provide more info if I have missed anything.

Read only link:


For anyone else looking for a resolution in the future, here it is. I knew I was missing something!