Sorting CMS items vertically in 4 rows (not horizontally)

Hi all,

I have a directory type website. It has states>cities

I’m trying to list the CMS collections (cities) alphabetically in vertical rows. Right now the list has them going horizontally and to me it doesn’t read correctly. I was told that you simply cannot list CMS items vertically.

This is how they look now.

This is how I want them to look

Is this possible?

When I try to display them vertically, they go in 1 long row down.

Here is a visual of what happens when I sort it vertically vs horizontal.


and here are my settings

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A quick workaround is to put in four collection lists and set them so one starts where the other ends. Limit the leftmost one to X items, then have the one right of that start at X+1 items.

did you ever figure this out, i need this as well. thank you.