Sort FAQ depening on visitors

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is it possible to sort an FAQ in such a way that the top 10 asked questions are shown? the idea is that we have categories and within these categroes we have multiple questions. so when you open a help center page you can choose a categorie or you scroll down and the our top 10 asked questions. these are sorted by checking what questions are opend the most by visitors and use this information to sort the faq

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Hi @Dennis_Celen :wave:

I’m not sure that someone is studying the FAQ section in detail, but as an option, you can install Google analytics and manually set the desired sorting using the click map)

Yes it’s possible to automate this with custom code.
For this simple use case involving anonymous clicks, you could use a click tracking service like countapi, which has a good API.

You would need to retrieve those values, and then do a dynamic sort.

alright i will look in to this. and i guess i need the “Sygnal Attributes 5” (like my previous question about the pricing calculator.) code to access the question in the database?

SA5 has a dynamic sort feature however I have not yet built an API for it, so it only operates in a NOCODE integration from attribute configuration.

In your case you need to retrieve your data, apply it and then sort after its been applied.

Since you need custom code for part 1 anyway, the sort is easy enough to add, you’ll find tons of examples on the web.

Hi @memetican

I will try this. But sorting of the CMS collection list by custom code is something i could not fix. I also need it for another page.


weird, it seems that is does not work anymore. i get a 504 gateway time-out when creating a key.

Not sure what you’re referring to. Do you mean countapi?

Hmmm, I’ve just pinged it and yeah, it’s unresponsive, looks like it was sold and they’ve recently shut it down. Maybe the new owners are spinning it up as a supported service.