Something unexptected happened error message on site previews

on one of our site previews on the dashboard we dont see a site preview, instead we get “something unexpected happened”

any advice on what has happened here? the site seems to be working ok, which is the main thing, but bit of a worry to see this instead of the preview.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I believe the previews are generated upon publishing the project, but it’s possible that there was a brief issue during that process which led it to capture a 514 error. You can always try republishing the project to see if that fixes the issue.

That said, as long as the published site is working alright it should be fine :+1:

Ah don’t worry, this is normal.

Try republishing the website and if this doesn’t fix it, wait for few days. As long as your published website is working, everything’s fine.