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Something is over the edge of my website and I have no idea what

I’ve just started designing a website and when I publish and view the website something is enabling me scroll horizontally, I have everything set to no overflow so I’m not sure whats causing it.

Here is a link to the website, if anyone has any ideas that might help me I would appreciate it.

Kind regards


Hi @Sprint_Studios Can you share your read-only link?

Sure thing @donaldsv thanks for looking into it.

Hey Matt @Sprint_Studios,

I just took a look and I don’t see the horizontal overflow you’re talking about. Are you using a specific browser? Is it only on mobile?

You may want to try adding the following code to your Head:

body, html {overflow-x: hidden !important}

Hey @Spencer_Irwin,

Thanks for taking a look. I’m using Google Chrome version 61, on my home mac I don’t see it but on my work mac I do, maybe I have an older version of chrome on my work mac.

Hey again @Sprint_Studios,

That’s a possibility for sure! Just look around on different browsers, devices, and operating systems to diagnose issues that may be specific to one of these. Sometimes I get unwanted x-axis scrolling and I just plug in the code I posted earlier and it works like a charm. There may be some contraindications form a UX standpoint to doing this, but I am personally not aware of any.

Thanks @Spencer_Irwin that worked perfectly.

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