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Mysterious horizontal scroll - driving me crazy!

Hey friends,

Hoping someone much smarter than me can work out why my site has this strange horizontal scroll appearing once you’re partway down the page, it’s been doing my head in.

Happens on both Chrome and Firefox.

Live site:

HUGE thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

It’s the .right-cloud element, it’s being pushed on scroll out of the view, for some reasons the overflow:hidden of it’s parent doesn’t prevent the viewport to be enlarged.

That header is dope James BTW :slight_smile:

If you want to solve this (like @vincent said - the bug is because the top cloud area) - add this custom css:

    overflow-x: hidden;

Out of topic:

  • Cool design and color pallete!!
  • your “container” is not “center” (a lot of sections in your site is little “offset” - on mobile is more noticeable)
  • Your work on instegram is very cool - why not add lightbox to your site? and show your works
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Thanks @Siton_Systems. I just browsed the links you’re sharing, the lettering works are really cool. And I can’t read hebrew but it’s so elegant!

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@JamesDaly I see on your pics that you’re using and iPad pro and Pencil for some of your lettering work. I practice lettering for months now and use the iPad+Pencil a lot. Just bought myself a Copperplate course on Procreate.

What are the essential resources, apps, courses you can recommend to practice and learn lettering on iPad and paper? I’m not asking for an extensive review but if you found some things that are particularly cool, I’m all ears :slight_smile: (I’m obviously browsing right now of course)

Ahh you guys are the best! Thanks so much for solving a problem that was giving me so much grief :blush:

@vincent Thanks so much man, really cool to hear from someone with your skills. And thanks for the fix and advice @Siton_Systems!

Vincent - yess, absolutely love the iPad Pro and Pencil. Hmm, really I just follow and watch a few people on Instagram who make some very cool stuff, and then mess around until I can work out how to create something similar:

These guys immediately come to mind. I’d love to check out some of your stuff if you have it uploaded anywhere :blush:

Ah, cool… I may have to open an IG account again to follow people there… damn, just when I thought I was out of Facebook!

I’m concentrating on a Copperplate course I bought, that I follow inside of Procreate, and I’ll check your stuff again after :slight_smile:

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