Someone to speed up site and fix Pagespeed issues

Hey guys

We’re looking to hire someone who can fix all manner of pagespeed issues on our site. I shouldn’t imagine this is a crazy long job. You don’t need to manually go through blog posts and fix images for example. Just more interested in major coding tweaks and fixes that will speed up the page.

For an example of any typical issues you can see here:

If interested feel free to please drop me an email with a quick pitch for exact things you can fix from this list, as well as a quote for how uch you would charge :slight_smile:
Here’s our email:

if you wanted to take a look at our sites code/setup, here’s our read-only: Webflow - Dream Big, Travel Far

thanks for sharing the requirement
I can surely help you regard this
please reach me at scott at the rate cisinlabs dot com

Hey Scott

Contact details are above :+1:

Hi William,

I guess what you mentioned may include “The images are not shown in time when the users scroll down” (Which I also suffered when browsing some of the blogs)? Cause I believe the load time is great enough. Before you hire someone, I guess you can simply refer to the tutorial provided by Webflow. In which, you may want to load photos with the page so that the readers won’t miss those images.