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Need someone to speed up our site!

Hey guys!
We are looking for a freelancer to help us with speeding up our travel blog.
I’ve done lots of things to help boost speed but am unsure of how to go much farther.
Here’s an example blog post … 16 BRILLIANT Places To Visit In Scotland [2021 GUIDE]
Big issues with speed (according to Google Pagespeed) are on mobile as opposed to desktop.
If you are interested could you please email us and say hi. As well as giving a quick bit on your experience with optimising other CMS for speed.

For an example of what we are aiming to achieve, run a speed test on this site:

Look forward to hearing from you guys! :slight_smile: Bradley

read only: Webflow - Dream Big, Travel Far

Hi there,
I can help you. PM sent.
Frank J


Hope you are doing great!

I can help you with your requirement.

Please share the detailed requirement so that I can review.

You can reach me over skype-live:.cid.e0656fece75456e6

Warm Regards
Maria J
Contact no-+13478093381

Hi Maria

Could you please send the information requested to our email.
Makes it easier for me to manage all the applications! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for posting a job opportunity. I have sent you an email
please check it and let me know if you haven’t hired someone
up till now. I will help you in improving your site speed.

havent received anything through :slight_smile: