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Some titles don't want to "break" in mobile view

So, sometimes I’ve witness some short (but large) titles don’t wan’t to break when viewed in portrait mode on mobile. See attached image. It happens sometimes, not always. But it’s resulting in a horizontal scroll, which is bad!

Is there a setting I’m missing?

Currently happens only in the last part of this page:
Public link:

Hi @rowan, thanks for pointing this out. It looks the current inline editor tries to insert   whenever other styles are already present in the Heading. We’re currently working on a new inline editing experience which will clear this up and add more new features.

In the meantime, you can try these steps to clear the non-breaking space.

  1. Reset all bolding and italic from the heading
  2. Delete the space, then type a new space
  3. Finally, re-apply the bold

Hope that helps!

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Thanks, those steps helped!