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Some elements undesirably override others

Hi. The subject web page this issue refers to is:

Some image or widget elements on the above page override the menu bar. I want everything to slide under the menu bar. I have tried putting the elements in div tags, containers, etc and get the same result. Examples on the page are:

The 2 Brochure Image Links

The 3 Recent customer thumbnail iamges

The map widget (this is easier to see on an iPad or phone)

For instance: The two gallery image links work as desired. I copy their formatting for the two brochure images in the next section, but they override the menu bar. See example:

Thanks in advance for any ideas or guidance.


Here is the web flow share link to the site:

Thanks again!


Hi @SSANTJER, thanks for the post :slight_smile: Try setting your Navbar to fixed position, with top, left and right set to 0 with a z-index of 2000, which will make the navbar the top level content on the page :smile:

Does this help? Cheers,

Thanks Dave.

Did as you suggested, and it made no visible change to the live website.



Hi @SSANTJER, thanks for the update. When I look at the published site:, it is working fine for me, the menu seems to be above the other elements.

Could you try to refresh your browser and see if that helps, and also try another browser and look at the results? If you are still having an issue, can you take a screenshot of the published site with the url and post that? Cheers,Dave

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