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Nav Bar trouble

Having trouble with the Nav Bar. Last night it was “sticking” (scrolling with the page then jumping back to top). Replaced the whole bar and sticking stopped but now the links highlight to blue as the page goes through each section. Also was having some trouble with the “brand” expanding (causing the whole bar to increase in width a little). Think I may have fixed this by using a different image.

If you dont want to highlight navbar to blue after raching some section on your page, just go to section (HOME button is blue) select this home button a change the font color to white or whatever you want. Just be sure your selector is NavLink and Current too. After this, your navbar will not be highlighting to blue color when scrolling between sections.

Thanks that was a good tip. feature looks good with some changes. Any ideas on the “sticky” nav bar? Seems to have started after I embedded a custom Google map. I’ve since removed the map but it still sticks.
Thanks again

Hi @swmcclellandr, I have not been able to reproduce the sticking of the navbar. may I ask what browser you are using, and is the page in question the home page of your site ? Thanks for the public link, that helps a lot to troubleshoot the issue :smile: Cheerios, Dave :slight_smile:

Hi cyberdave, I am designing in chrome and that is where I was having the problem. Worked fine on a friends computer also running chrome as well as firefox and safari (safari and webflow have other issues, i.e. lightbox). The sticking seemed to start when I embedded a custom google map on the same page as the navbar. I rebuilt the navbar and and the new one stuck. when i deleted the map it worked better but not perfect. I ran a malware program (spy hunter) and re installed chrome. now I’m using a map widget and it is working fine. for the record I think it had something to do with those google maps. thanks for taking a look and responding.

Hi @swmcclellandr, thanks for the additional info. Just to clarify, you want the nav bar to be fixed at the top of the page correct? and you want other content to scroll under that bar? It could have been something to do with the z-index of the map and the fixed navbar…perhaps they were trying to occupy the same space…? If you get another example of it going, I am happy to take a further look. Cheers, Dave

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